Saturday, October 5, 2013

Night Before...

Tim and I are in our hotel in New Hampshire, settling in for a quiet night before my marathon. If all goes well, I can call myself a marathoner this time tomorrow. The whole thing is kind of surreal, just like the fact that I am going to Mount Holyoke. Two years ago I never would have believed that this is where I would be. Do you know how ridiculous it is packing for an overnight trip to run 26.2 miles? Oh my goodness! I have not run anything requiring such preparation in...well, ever.

Packing included: homemade energy drink, agua fresca, chocolate soymilk, bananas, apples, apricots, polenta bars, oatmeal, espresso beans, fuel belt, watch, ibuprofen, iPod, sneakers, and all types of clothing because who knows what the weather will be like.

Is this a bit much? I'm not sure, but I know my body well, and I know that it is high maintenance. My ONE goal for this race is to cross the finish line strong and smiling. Time? I have a vague goal in mind, but that is nowhere near as important.

We started the night off right with fried pickles and pumpkin beer, then traveled to hang out on the beach in the dark. Now we're going to take it easy and try to stay awake for a couple hours. Who knew preparing for a quick trip could be so exhausting?

Tim will be traveling around to meet me at different checkpoints via bike. There were will be 5,000 runners, 10,000 spectators, and closed roads galore. I'm glad I will have his smiling face to meet me at different points throughout! I am one lucky gal!

Send out good thoughts, I've only done 18 miles thus far!

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