Friday, April 26, 2013


Ok, so my plan was to write a little bit about proper fueling before a race. However, I need to interrupt my  schedule for today to share two important items with you.

One: Remember how I made almond milk the other day? First of all, let me clarify that it is not necessary to own cheesecloth or a nut bag. I have a mesh strainer that worked just fine, and my friend suggested using a pillowcase or tee shirt for straining. Once you finish the process, you will think "what am I supposed to do with all of this almond pulp?!" Well.....problem solved.

I did a little research online and found this recipe for raw vegan cookie dough bites that is to die for. It is really simple as you throw everything into the food processor, shape into "cookies," and then throw in the freezer. After ten minutes, you have these little morsels of goodness! 

The only thing I was unclear about, and the recipe site does not elaborate on, is that drying almond pulp requires more than letting it sit on the counter. As I do not have a dehydrator, I put the pulp in the oven on its lowest setting for a couple hours (mine only goes down to 170). Voila, almond pulp flour!

Two: I cannot stress how much my knowledge about food, from seed to table, has grown in the past year and a half due to a very good friend of mine. Last night we celebrated our final night together in Western MA before she heads off for new opportunities. 

I have had the desire to learn more about food for awhile now, but it took having a friend to share this passion with to cultivate my skills. As she is leaving, I have been left with the following to play with: strawberry plant, oregano plant, rosemary plant, yeast, scoby, and so many house plants that the air in my apartment is at least 50% cleaner now. I found my CSA because she shared the information with me, I know now that next time there is a food swap people will kill for my black bean brownies, and she has left a lasting impression on me regarding seasonal and vegetarian eating. Probiotics? Well....I'm getting there. Maybe when I eventually try fermenting kimchi it won't be as spicy as hers!

In summation, this post is dedicated to Arielle. When I signed up for AmeriCorps I knew I would find people who shared my worldview. But I had no idea I would find such a great friend and fellow explorer....I am grateful for the time we have shared together.

And on that note, I am off to Maine to race in my first half marathon since Nashville in 2011. I tried fueling a little differently this time so I look forward to sharing what has and has not worked for me once I return home. During this race I will keep my brother (as he recovers from surgery), my grandma (as she recovers from a stroke), and Boston on my mind. I am so grateful for the health that I have and I aim to revel in it this weekend.

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