Friday, July 5, 2013

Summertime Blues

Now that my summer class has finished, I have time to write again! In the food world, my CSA has begun and the heat has demolished my appetite. I have a nice twist on a staple recipe but I've pretty much been eating whatever I can stomach. Lots of soft, bland food. In the exercise world, I am on Week 4 of marathon training and I have a triathlon tomorrow. The tri I have not been able to train much for due to my insane schedule, but I did manage to fit in two double workouts this week, so I should be  ok. Worst comes to worst, I know I can do the distances without a problem and I won't race it.

ANYWAYS - I came on here to write about heat. I am a little frustrated because I am usually good at compromising with my training and moving workouts around to fit my schedule. Enter summertime and I am just a wreck. My question is this: What do you do when your only two training days for a long run are under heat advisory? I think the common sense answer would be to wake up at an insane hour and leave before the sun comes up. But I am not a morning distance runner as of yet.

I just attempted 10 miles but something about my fuel belt and my outfit is not working - the belt was bouncing around ridiculously, even at the tightest fit. It's a good thing I decided to turn around and change because once I got most of the way home dizziness set in. Now I am sitting in front of a fan guzzling energy drink & water wondering where all my strength went.

Is it really ok to split up my long runs two weeks in a row? Last weekend I did 3 separate 3 mile loops spaced throughout the day. Today it looks like I'm doing a 2 miler plus a nighttime 8 miler.

Obviously I am going to get those 8 in just to finish off my training week successfully. I'm just not a big fan of this summertime training. This running thing is always a learning experience....

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