Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Holistic Healing

I have had another post in the works about my favorite summer foods and another about the 10K I ran on Saturday. But, this is what is fresh and feels pressing. I believe I wrote a little bit about the bursitis in my left hip that I struggled with about a month ago. It put a dent in my training plan as well as my mood - but also gave my body the break that it needed. In my time off from running I was bed-ridden for two straight days, where I was able to watch the complete first season of Orange is the New Black and totally veg out.

That time off of running also gave me the space to hike with friends and enjoy the freedom of being off a training plan....even it it was just temporary.

Anyways, after taking two weeks off I returned to running and have been fine ever since. Outside of my exercise regimen, I also had a lot of things in my personal life being mixed up: I am co-directing a 5K in November, we adopted a second cat, my term of service ends in two weeks, we decided to move at the end of the month and my first day of classes at Mount Holyoke is September 4th. Wow, talk about major life changes!

I set out for an hour-long bike ride today, and it wasn't until after getting a flat tire about 3 miles in that I realized maybe something is going on. I have hardly had any appetite this week and when it came to meal time tonight I just wasn't feeling anything.

When this happens I head over to tumblr to see what new recipes have popped up, outside of my regular blog reading. And then....miso soup. Yes. That is what my life is missing. I was sitting in my half-packed, darkening and increasingly chilly apartment, wondering what to do with myself. My stomach was queasy and I wasn't feeling up to much of anything. Not music, nor television, nor reading.

Inspiration hit and I suddenly found myself craving simple, wholesome foods. Beyond simple: miso soup with tofu. I don't even like tofu! When I went to the store for tofu, I picked up a Bolthouse Farms "shake" - with kale/spinach/romaine, cucumber, celery, and lemon. I am already feeling better.

I always forget to nurture the soul part of body and soul. Tonight is a reminder that taking care of the mental self is just as important as the physical self. My body is strong and recovered, but my mind needs time to catch up. This is why I strive for regular yoga practice, and truly hope to reincorporate it soon. By setting aside time to practice, I give my mind and body the time they need to process. I'm already looking forward to getting up early Saturday morning for my next class!

For now, I'm off to enjoy this refreshing treat! What do you do when in need of a break - whether it's physical, mental or both? For me, a little bit of cuddling is always a guaranteed stress relaxer!

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