Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Bridge of Flowers 10K Race Recap (8/10/13)

So some of you may have noticed that I have been absent in the blog world lately....especially my running bud! But with the abrupt decision to move into a new place for September 1st, my writing was definitely been put on the back burner. Since my last update I am now an unemployed Mount Holyoke student living in a beautiful new place and am only 19 days away from my first marathon. Wow!

Now - excuse me while I time travel and share a brief recap from the 2013 Bridge of Flowers 10K.  

My running friend and I decided to run this race in a very relaxed manner. This race is only run for tradition's sake, because nobody would run a 10K up a mountain in early August because it's fun. Ok, maybe that's an exaggeration - only 90% of the runners are seen walking up the hill. The atmosphere is intoxicatingly friendly and the beauty of Shelburne Falls is awe-inspiring. I mean, look at this view!

Kimmy and I have each done this race three times now. The monster hill comes in around mile 2.5(ish) and last year she ran all the way up the ridiculous hill. I hated her for it and decided it would always be impossible for me. As we approached the beast, I noticed that I was feeling a little confident. Cocky, maybe? But I set my one goal for the race: conquer the hill. I'm happy to say that I ran the entire way up! It must have to do with marathon training, as KB was not too keen on my brilliant idea this year. This was old news for my marathon veteran running partner.

Heading down, we talked, laughed, and coasted together - reminiscing about years past. We were serious about taking the race easy....or so we thought. Turns out we ran this 10K course in 1:00:44 - a course PR for me. Whaaat?! Crazy things happen when you have fun with friends. It's fun to dream of what may have happened if we actually aimed for time. Here's a finish line photo to prove that we did indeed run this course. As usual, we sprinted the last tenth of a mile. We changed things up and agreed to hold our arms up in victory as we crossed the finish. We ran so fast, this is all the photographers caught...

Look at that stance, man was I into that sprint! We had so much fun, and I know that I felt a renewal in my running energy. I feel like there is a learning curve that all runners must go through - especially when you start as an adult. I have just passed the anniversary of my first ever race (Smith Fall Fit 5K in September 2009) and have learned so much in the past four years. It has taken me FOUR YEARS to understand how to have fun in a competitive world. Better late than never!

Next up: Race Recap of the Surftown Half Marathon ... my white whale.

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  1. Wonderful! It wass so great to find the joy in running again :)